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Yesterday, a Special Day

It’s 01.47 as I’m writing this.

Yesterday was a great day. Lot’s of firsts happened, and something amazing happened. This was one of the best 15ths I ever had 🙂

Just as I was about to close off for the day, another tech amazing thing happened.

The night closes on a fantastic note 🙂

And otherwise,

Subah hoti hai, Shaam hoti hai…

Umar yun hi, Tamam hoti hai…

First drizzle of 2017

It’s 01.31 Hrs as I’m writing this.

At around 22:15,yesterday [14th March, 2017], I was casually sitting at my Lab sipping lemonade when I heard a bike-crash sound. I peeped out on the road from my Window and saw two 2 wheelers lying on the road (apparently, they both skidded). What was more exciting to see was the lil drops of rain drizzingly peacefully! I couldn’t belive that it’s raining this month. I immediately bolted downstairs and ran out on the road enojoying the lovely droplets. I knew this wouldn’t calm me down. I ran upstairs, locked my Lab and poooffff, hoppped on my Bike. I refueled knowing that I’ll hit atleast 30-40 miles in this lovely rain. And so began my journey…

To cut a long story short, I drove back to my old company and met Kailash. It’s been ages since I met him and wanted to relive all those amazing memories and moments I had at Convergys and with Kailash and others.

We talked and talked and talked and talked for more than 60 mins, and I summarized my 2.3 years of life in those 60 mins, and he did the same. I think I talked thrice than what he did, he being the patient listener as always. I was so excited to meet him after so long, and that’d made me talk endlessly. But all good things should come to an end, and we parted ways around 00:03/04.

I drove back like crazy (doing more than 70+ on my bike) inspite of Kailash warning me repeatedly to drive slowly back home. The adrenaline rush inside me wouldn’t let me drive slowly.

Around 00.18 +/- 10, I was back home, safe and sound (with all the dust in the world hooked up in my eyes :P).

The weather, as good as when I started. I came home, had my Dinner and sat down to pen this post at around 01.31. Today is a special day for me, and ‘m glad the day started off on this lovely note.



I had no particular theme/idea to base this post off, and hence have marked it as Untitled.

There’s been lot of good and crazy stuff going on over this past few weeks, most of which I can’t share here on this public site (don’t PM me asking for more details).  It’s 02.36 in the morning as I’m writing this post. At first I’m wondering why am I awake at this part of the hour? This’s been going on for quite some weeks now. I almost quit my habit of LTBLOB and was happily following the ETBETR routine (comment below if you decipher these acronynms). Continue reading Untitled

The Journey called Life

Whenever you are lost or misguided and realize you’re now treading a losing path, it’s always good to take a break and ponder over why you started on this path in the first place? It’s time to go back to basics and start afresh. However,  what’ll you do if you’ve already laid down a wrong foundation and are knee-deep in it?

How’d we get here? What happens usually is that we start off with one destination in mind and as we travel down the road, we encounter lot’s of by-ways, service lanes, highways, cuts, overpasses and tracks to different destinations.

Image result for complicated bridges

Now, as we keep coming across these, we slow down a lil and start thinking if I should jump on the other road, because most of the traffic is headed that way. You follow that and after covering a lot of the journey to this new destination, you now find yourself stuck in a terrible traffic mess. It’s terrible because it seems the whole city has converged on this dammn road. You’re literally stuck up as you can’t even go back. The nearest exit is many miles away and you have to stay stuck up in this traffic for many hours before you choose to take an exit or carry on with this journey to this destination. Now, seeing the huge traffic ahead and with the intention of doing something different instead of simply following the crowd, you decide to take the exit and head back to the point where you started and go back to the original destination.

Image result for traffic jam

On your way back to the diverged point from where you got distracted in the first place, you see a shortcut road promising to take you to your destination quickly instead of you having to traverse all along the main route. The only caveat here is that this lil shortcut track is all dusty and worn out and guarantees you a bumpy ride. You neverthless console yourself to patiently bear it all in the hope of arriving at your destination quickly through the shortcut. As you travel along many miles into this track carefully maneuvring this dark crazy track, you find out to your horror, there is a culdesac because of a huge pit!

Image result for huge pit

You get out of the car, slam the door and bang the car multiple time cursing at yourself and at the lovely green countryside. When you get to your senses, you’re glad that you didin’t actually drive into the pit and kill yourself. Relieved that you’re still alive, you find a new adrenaline rush of energy with you. Now determined to not get distracted by shortcuts and to stay focussed on the destination you turn back in your car and come back on the main highway from where you veneered into this shortcut.

Image result for main road with destination sign

You see a distance sign on the highway indicating your original destination to be only few miles ahead. You get more excited and hit the accelerator! After having driven few miles, your car suddenly puffs and pants and stops. You look into your dashboard and realize you’re out of fuel!

Image result for out of fuel

As you come out of your vehicle slamming the door and hurling the choicest abuses to yourself for being so stupid, the Sun quietly sets in the background!

Image result for sun setting

Anwaar, don’t give up yet…

It’s 5:18 in the Morning, 30th Dec, a lovely Friday, 2016. I just got off watching Rang de Basanti, and I must admit my emotions are a running lil high and this post is indirectly an attempt to write off some part of my life here. Lot’s of this is random and isn’t in any chronological order.

I learnt a crazy thing while I was preparing for my Job interviews as a fresh grad. While at College, I had this crazy habit of picking up and reading books wherever I could find them. And one fine Sunday, I picked up a used book which was either a GMAT/CAT Prep book by Manhattan/Princeton (don’t remember the exact title). What I do remember was a fantastic article and some insights by candidates who’d share tips about how they cracked the ice-breaking interview. One girl mentioed how she used her name’s meaning to tell how that had “brushed off her nature as well”! And I was awe-struck by that! What a powerful way to answer a stupid formal interview question “Tell me something about yourself?” (This is the most stupid interview question I feel an Interviewer begins with. Dammn, is this even supposed to be an ice-breaker? Why not bond over weather or sports or breakfast etc? Hell, this is such a stupid question that’s guaranteed to be asked, that almost everyone rigorously prepares for this question, as if their life depends on it. And bam, 90% of candidates I’ve interviewed later (ohh yeah, I got to ask this shitty question when I sat on the other side of the table) would go on like a parrot not realizing why I’m asking this question in the first place.

Anyways, back to this first interview question, I think I prepared a very solid impressive ice-breaker answer (if I can recall most of it):

Interviewer: Hi, Good Morning/Afternoon. Tell me some (shit) about yourself.

(Let me clear my throat first…)

Syed Anwaarullah: Good Morning/Afternoon. To begin with, my name is Anwaar which means rays of light/illuminating the surroundings. I belive the name has brushed off my nature as well as I’m multi talented and (and some flattering stuff that I now don’t recall after 6 years). I also love helping people around me (and some more stuff I don’t recall)

In the first 30 secs, I’ve made sure the Interview pays attention to me. He/She’s probably thinking, this dude is crazy. I’ve never heard anyone introduce themselves this way. So they stop faking their busyness and give me their utmost attnetion. Knowing that I’ve made my first impression, I carry on…

Syed Anwaarullah: I was born in Hyderabad, but was brought up in Saudi Arabia where I did my Schoolling. Living abroad and interacting with people of different nationalities has given me a multicultural experience and mindset.

Notice how I’m already pushing myself as a highly probable candidate to go OnSite (when that ever happens) :P. Nope, I’m trying to sell myself to an MNC, which expects candidates to be open to different cultures and interact with people across the Globe. Win/Win (ohh, let’s later talk about this Win/Win phrase that actually Won me a fantastic Job with Mphasis, Mangalore. )

And I conclude by saying how I enjoy doing things creatively and love exploring new stuff and reading.

All of the above in around 60-70 secs. I avoid all the shitty non-sensical Biography that most candidates talk about. They tell about their Primary School, X, XII, parents details, siblings, uncles, aunts, pets, watches, hobbies, movies, shit shit and shit. Stop for Christ sake!

I didn’t even start yet the main theme of this post 🙂

(to be continued…It’s 07:03)

So this anecdote revolves around my first year of Engineering.