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Yesterday, a Special Day

It’s 01.47 as I’m writing this.

Yesterday was a great day. Lot’s of firsts happened, and something amazing happened. This was one of the best 15ths I ever had 🙂

Just as I was about to close off for the day, another tech amazing thing happened.

The night closes on a fantastic note 🙂

And otherwise,

Subah hoti hai, Shaam hoti hai…

Umar yun hi, Tamam hoti hai…

First drizzle of 2017

It’s 01.31 Hrs as I’m writing this.

At around 22:15,yesterday [14th March, 2017], I was casually sitting at my Lab sipping lemonade when I heard a bike-crash sound. I peeped out on the road from my Window and saw two 2 wheelers lying on the road (apparently, they both skidded). What was more exciting to see was the lil drops of rain drizzingly peacefully! I couldn’t belive that it’s raining this month. I immediately bolted downstairs and ran out on the road enojoying the lovely droplets. I knew this wouldn’t calm me down. I ran upstairs, locked my Lab and poooffff, hoppped on my Bike. I refueled knowing that I’ll hit atleast 30-40 miles in this lovely rain. And so began my journey…

To cut a long story short, I drove back to my old company and met Kailash. It’s been ages since I met him and wanted to relive all those amazing memories and moments I had at Convergys and with Kailash and others.

We talked and talked and talked and talked for more than 60 mins, and I summarized my 2.3 years of life in those 60 mins, and he did the same. I think I talked thrice than what he did, he being the patient listener as always. I was so excited to meet him after so long, and that’d made me talk endlessly. But all good things should come to an end, and we parted ways around 00:03/04.

I drove back like crazy (doing more than 70+ on my bike) inspite of Kailash warning me repeatedly to drive slowly back home. The adrenaline rush inside me wouldn’t let me drive slowly.

Around 00.18 +/- 10, I was back home, safe and sound (with all the dust in the world hooked up in my eyes :P).

The weather, as good as when I started. I came home, had my Dinner and sat down to pen this post at around 01.31. Today is a special day for me, and ‘m glad the day started off on this lovely note.


Building a Qur’anic skill for the Amazon Echo/Tap device

[Update 31st Dec, 2017]: I finally got another Quran Skill published in the Amazon Alexa Skills Store. You can check it out here:


I did some tinkering with Amazon Echo device few months ago and built few Skills (aka programmable apps for the device).

Here’s a demo of the Quran Skill that I coded:

The entire source code for the Alexa Skill can be found here:

I was very excited about Alexa and wanted to spend my 2017 only in building a custom Alexa enabled Device and I started off by getting feeedbacks from my geek friends and scholars.

The last thing I did on this project was to get the Alexa Engine running on the Raspberry Pi in the hope of demonstrating a non-Amazon Alexa enabled device, therby getting prospective investors confident about a standalone device. I went off track after that and now this project is stuck in a limbo like my many other projects.

If this interests you and you’d like to share more ideas of yours, please hit me up as I still haven’t given up on this project (yet).


I had no particular theme/idea to base this post off, and hence have marked it as Untitled.

There’s been lot of good and crazy stuff going on over this past few weeks, most of which I can’t share here on this public site (don’t PM me asking for more details).  It’s 02.36 in the morning as I’m writing this post. At first I’m wondering why am I awake at this part of the hour? This’s been going on for quite some weeks now. I almost quit my habit of LTBLOB and was happily following the ETBETR routine (comment below if you decipher these acronynms). Continue reading Untitled