I woke up this morning, and after the routine stuff, logged onto social media (for trends, updates et.al :P) before I start working. It always helps to do something relaxing before a tough job. I have this tough prototype project that I’m failing at for over a month now and I’m close to backing out (but I won’t In Sha Allah). So, opened up Twitter, G+ (not FB, it sucks in the morning). A chance tweet by @myawarbaig got me hooked up for the next 75 minutes.


I thought it’d be another of the regular lectures, but this turned out to be way more powerful than what it looked on the face of it. I thought I’d multi-task, but given the great points Randy was sharing, I just couldn’t do anything else but give my full attention to this video.

My fav takeway:

The Brick walls are there for a reason!

Enjoy the embedded video above in the embedded tweet embedded in this post (Inception anyone?).

And yes, I still didn’t get that project done, but it was awesome to get distracted! 🙂

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