It’s 8:30 in the morning and it’s been ages since I am up early. The weather now here is dammn awesome and inspirational. There’s a breeze going on and I just love it. Nothing’s more awesome than blogging about it to cherish these memories later.

I didn’t sleep last night and was continuously glaring at my Laptop with a hundred thoughts racing in my head 🙂

Reminded of the good ol college days, waking up early, looking forward to classes, being taught/read to, the fun in classes with friends. Life’s always a paradox. The young wanna grow old and the old wanna go back to being young. Single wants to be double, double to single, rich to poor, poor to rich. Like the grass on the other side is always green.

This shaer comes to my mind:

"Hasti apni habab ki si hai,

Yeh numaish, sarab ki si hai" – Mir Taqi Meer

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