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Getting started with IoT on AWS, Arduino and ESP8266

After the recent outage on this server where the site was down for many hours (and days), I’ve decided to go back and post important tutorials on my WordPress site so that knowledge is accessible anytime to anyone and should not be dependent on my server being down.

As such, I’ve begun writing the primer and you can read it here:

Thanks for sticking around 🙂

USBasp 10 Pin Programmer – Provotech/Allsensor

I recently purchase a USBasp programmer for some advanced programming and also for burning Bootloaders on some Atmel ICs and I was tired of using Arduino as an ISP or Bitbanging with an FT232R.

This is the one I purchased:


I was very excited to play around, but had to struggle a lot in mapping the 10 pin port to a standard 6 pin ICSP of Atmel MCs. The standard 10 pin port connections are not used in this USBasp programmer and I had to spend atleast an hour by shorting each pin and finding a match.

I’m sharing the connection here in the hope that you don’t have to go through the same struggle I had to go 🙂


I combined 6 jumpers and taped them to form a simple cable while carefully considering the above connections. I included a small white paper as a tip to indicate the tip of the ICSP as shown below:


After struggling with drivers for a while, I installed the latest driver files from the USBasp main website ( For my 64 Bit Win 7 PC, this Driver usbasp.2011-05-28 worked.

I was successfully able to then upload code via Arduino IDE, burn Bootloaders and also use avrdude to write .hex file and also read bin data.

The VCC Pin (Pin 1) starts where the Yellow LED on the top on the Board is present.

My 1st Android App on the Play Store

Though I’ve been tinkering with Android apps for over 2+ years, I never published them on the play store. I just felt that who’d ever bother downloading my crazy, dsyfunctional apps 😛

But then I wanted to learn the process of having an app in the store and here it is: en_app_rgb_wo_60

I earlier also open sourced all my Android Apps and you can grab the repo here: Enjoy 🙂

As we’re talking here, it’s worthwhile to mention that Android Lollipop has just been released and today the SDK Images for development have also arrived.

Windows Phone 8.1, Arduino, Bluetooth

I’ve never hacked around a Windows Mobile device and hooked it up wirelessly with Arduino etc. Came across this recent article that allows for Bluetooth communication with an Arduino.

Light (2 of 3)

I’ve worked earlier on some small test apps on Windows Phone, but they weren’t Embedded interfaced. This looks exciting enough to get started with.

Source: Hackaday

Programming an ATtiny w/ Arduino 1.0

There are numerous blogs/tutorials out there that detail how to program an ATTiny using Arduino.

I’ve come across this one just recently and would like to try out this setup (looks fairly simple).

I kind of stumbled on it from another interesting project:

Writing firmware directly on the Bluetooth Module

During my daily dose of Hackaday, I came across this awesome post of directly flashing firmware onto the Module. This (if I understand it correctly) will eliminate the use of a Micro-controller for simple operations.


See Hackaday post for more details 🙂

Fixing memory problems in Arduino

I came across this awesome tutorial that gives insights into fixing memory problems on an Arduino (or a generic AVR controller).

I’ve had and still have some of these issues and this post will server as a reminder and bookmark for me to fix them out 🙂

3 Wire Serial LCD using ShiftRegsiter

I came across this nice link and after couple of hops landed on this page that briefs out nicely how to make a simple 3 wire Serial LCD using a Shift Register.

Need to try this out, will save us a couple of precious pins 🙂