Windows Phone 8.1, Arduino, Bluetooth

I’ve never hacked around a Windows Mobile device and hooked it up wirelessly with Arduino etc. Came across this recent article that allows for Bluetooth communication with an Arduino. I’ve worked earlier on some small test apps on Windows Phone, but they weren’t Embedded interfaced. This looks exciting enough Read more…

Programming an ATtiny w/ Arduino 1.0

There are numerous blogs/tutorials out there that detail how to program an ATTiny using Arduino. I’ve come across this one just recently and would like to try out this setup (looks fairly simple). I kind of stumbled on it from another interesting project:

Fixing memory problems in Arduino

I came across this awesome tutorial that gives insights into fixing memory problems on an Arduino (or a generic AVR controller). I’ve had and still have some of these issues and this post will server as a reminder and bookmark for me to fix them out 🙂

Arduino on a breadboard

After fiddling around for some time, Alhamdulillah got a barebone Arduino setup on a breadboard. Using a CP2102 USB-Serial breakout board for uploading sketches from the IDE. Loving this setup as I get to learn and understand Arduino and AVR in more depth

Arduino Hyderabad User Group

After frantically searching for a dedicated Arduino user group in Hyderabad, we set upon creating our own:!forum/arduino-hug Task 1, Gather (more and more) like minded Arduino/Embedded Systems tinkerers. Task 2, Start meeting and share/break electronics together. Task 3, Give free sessions on Arduino to newcomers. Task 4, GoTo Task Read more…

Introduction to chipKit Max32

Who doesn’t know Arduino? But do you know chipKit? Inspired by Arduino, chipKit is a series of PIC prototyping board based on the popular Arduino IDE and compatible with many Arduino libraries and shields. I got myself one of those and within minutes was ready with a blinking LED and Read more…