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Building a Qur’anic skill for the Amazon Echo/Tap device

[Update 31st Dec, 2017]: I finally got another Quran Skill published in the Amazon Alexa Skills Store. You can check it out here:


I did some tinkering with Amazon Echo device few months ago and built few Skills (aka programmable apps for the device).

Here’s a demo of the Quran Skill that I coded:

The entire source code for the Alexa Skill can be found here:

I was very excited about Alexa and wanted to spend my 2017 only in building a custom Alexa enabled Device and I started off by getting feeedbacks from my geek friends and scholars.

The last thing I did on this project was to get the Alexa Engine running on the Raspberry Pi in the hope of demonstrating a non-Amazon Alexa enabled device, therby getting prospective investors confident about a standalone device. I went off track after that and now this project is stuck in a limbo like my many other projects.

If this interests you and you’d like to share more ideas of yours, please hit me up as I still haven’t given up on this project (yet).

Arietta – ARM9 Mini Module

Came across this awesome new ARM9 Mini Module running at 400MHz:

Comes with Awesome set of features:

Main features

  • CPU Atmel AT91SAM9G25 SoC (ARM9 @ 400Mhz)
  • DDR2 Ram 128 or 256 MByte
  • Power supply: 5VDC via microUSB or 3.3VDC using the PCB pads
  • Line levels: TTL 3.3V (NOT 5V tolerant)
  • Operative temperature range:
    • ARIETTA-G25 (128MByte RAM): -20 +70 °C
    • ARIETTA-G25-256 (256MByte RAM): -0 +70 °C
  • Size: 53x25mm
  • PCB layers: 8
  • RoHS and REACH compliant. Low EMI
  • Availability: > 5 years
  • Designed and Made in Italy

I’ve reproduced this from their main site here:

Things getting exciting!!!

MicroPython – Python for Microcontrollers

I was greeted by an awesome message from my pal Aman when I logged into Facebook:

and that led me to this page:

Looks very cute, has met all of the stretched goals that will now allow it come with support for WiFi, Ethernet and low power wireless support through Libraries. The form factor is very cute and this looks as a promising platform to introduce students/makers to the fascinating world of Embedded and Python.



The price is decent and competes with Raspberry Pi, Arduino and other dev boards. I particularly love the form factor which makes it suitable for IoT projects. Hoping for it to arrive in India soon.

Thanks Aman for the pointer 🙂