You only get what you work for

I was listening to quick morning talk by a prominent Scholar (Shaikh Yawar Baig, Site) and he started it with this verse from the Holy Quran: It charged my exhausted and drained batteries to the full 🙂 You can listen to that podcast here:

My Interview

While Googling around my name, I came across this old interview that I gave for a prominent online mag portal about 2 years ago. An interesting read about me 😛

Think Different

If you’ve read my earlier posts, I mentioned about Steve Job’s bio book which I’d want to start with. It’s been few chapters into it and I’m mesmerized. I came across the ‘Think Different’ campaign design process and more amazing things… And when I checked into Twitter, someone shared a Read more…

I need to unlearn

"I realized today, I need to unlearn many things to re-learn things again". It’s 3:40 in the Morning and it’s been a crazy night and yesterday. I’m excited at what’s coming next, a little afraid as well. I’ve not taken a major decision like this before, so the pressure of Read more…

Why I Quit?

I didn’t quit actually. I’m taking a much needed 5 month break! My birthday is in March, so I’m taking a break from IT programming (done with coding and googling and coding and googling and repeat). I was thinking what to write about why I’m taking this break. For some Read more…

7 things to stop to be productive

I came across this awesome article (shared by @mustafa01ali) and liked it! If you’ve couple of minutes, enjoy it out here:   Lemme know if your productivity get’s a boost 🙂


Bis-mil-laa-hir-rah-maa-nir-raheem “In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful”!!!   Finally, got my own domain :)! I essentially blogged at and will move here shortly. Please bear with me while I import my previous posts and beautify things around here. I can be reached through email Read more…

Devon Tread 1 Concept Watch

This was an amazing concept watch which Aman Ahuja wants me to build in a larger and fancier model using mircocontrollers. Link: I should serioulsly think of making one using rollers, belts and motors. It surely will look elegant and Awesome!!! Thanks Aman for the link 🙂

OpenSourcing Myself !!!

I’ve always wanted to blog and share what I do, but as they say, planting the first brick is the most difficult part. And here it is. 🙂 I’ll blog about technology, religion, my many hands on experiences with new gadgets, programming tips and tricks, circuit diagrams, presentations links, philanthropic Read more…