I can’t just write a few words thanking you all and then thank you again the next year!

God choose you wisely, and you’re the reason we’re what we’re today.

The first teachers in our life are our Parents and they’ve taught a million things, the art of living, manners, education, character etc. They honed our skills, encouraged us, stood by our side in difficult times, mentored, advised, refrained us from falling in loopholes, were our first and best Mentors, Managers, Boss etc They’re just the best combination of it all in a single soul.

If I can read and write this, If I can program today, If I can differentiate between right and wrong, and any creative thing I can do is because of the painstaking efforts put in by my teachers. They taught me right from A for Allah (and also Apple) and then way upto my Higher Education. I was a freaking naughty kid then, creating havoc in class, fights both in class and in the playground, messing in the crafts session, painting the kids with the caramels, scribbling on the walls, and a hundred other things. Still, they never gave up on me, and hoped that one day, this frivolous kid would become a decent citizen and a contributing member of the society.

Friends, hey, you’ve also taught me things the above folks didn’t. You deserve a mention here as well. I learnt to drive, how to hang around, do masti, opening a bank account, the first ride in a bus, signing up on Facebook, registering for a bus pass, torrent downloads, the art of negotiating, etc etc etc

We graduated, and then when we thought we’d miss our teachers after getting a Job, but they reappeared in a different avatar: Mentors. They taught me not to say "Sir", taught us to leave behind some stuff, to learn new corporate ethics, new technologies, saved us during turbulent times, banked on us, risked their reputation to see us grow, encouraged to be confident and patted on the back after a job well done. My career would not have been the same if it was not for these Amazing mentors.

Life, the biggest teacher of Life itself. You’ve taught so much so, and you still keep teaching.

And, Google: you’ve taught me a million things which I couldn’t have learned offline. You are also my Guru opening the way to a million other online Gurus.

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