It’s 01.31 Hrs as I’m writing this.

At around 22:15,yesterday [14th March, 2017], I was casually sitting at my Lab sipping lemonade when I heard a bike-crash sound. I peeped out on the road from my Window and saw two 2 wheelers lying on the road (apparently, they both skidded). What was more exciting to see was the lil drops of rain drizzingly peacefully! I couldn’t belive that it’s raining this month. I immediately bolted downstairs and ran out on the road enojoying the lovely droplets. I knew this wouldn’t calm me down. I ran upstairs, locked my Lab and poooffff, hoppped on my Bike. I refueled knowing that I’ll hit atleast 30-40 miles in this lovely rain. And so began my journey…

To cut a long story short, I drove back to my old company and met Kailash. It’s been ages since I met him and wanted to relive all those amazing memories and moments I had at Convergys and with Kailash and others.

We talked and talked and talked and talked for more than 60 mins, and I summarized my 2.3 years of life in those 60 mins, and he did the same. I think I talked thrice than what he did, he being the patient listener as always. I was so excited to meet him after so long, and that’d made me talk endlessly. But all good things should come to an end, and we parted ways around 00:03/04.

I drove back like crazy (doing more than 70+ on my bike) inspite of Kailash warning me repeatedly to drive slowly back home. The adrenaline rush inside me wouldn’t let me drive slowly.

Around 00.18 +/- 10, I was back home, safe and sound (with all the dust in the world hooked up in my eyes :P).

The weather, as good as when I started. I came home, had my Dinner and sat down to pen this post at around 01.31. Today is a special day for me, and ‘m glad the day started off on this lovely note.


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