This Friday night, a Dr. Uncle of mine gave me an iPhone (3GS) that was showing the Missing SIM / No SIM even though a working SIM was present.

He told that his grandson flung the iPhone across the wall and thereafter he was getting this error.

This was the closest I’ve ever been with an iPhone being a die hard advocate, fan and promoter of Android 🙂

We Googled around and found out that there is a small connector that makes contact with another one if a SIM is inserted. When the iPhone drops or is impacted, this will bent, thereby never making a connection with the other contact.

We ripped apart the iPhone (without using any suction cup :P), removed the screen connectors and manually inserted a small piece of toothpick (sharpened from Dad’s shaving blade) beneath the SIM slot just above the connector so that the iPhone gets a valid SIM available signal.

After having connected back the screen connector, the panel and screwing back, I took Gods name, held my breath and switched on the iPhone!!!

And hey, it was ON, Live and Answering my demo calls!!! And we took it back to the Dr. at 11 PM and he was glad and grateful! I think he had a sound sleep as well 😛


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