It starts with a sneeze…. and the rest is a week off 🙂

I’ve had a sick week, I fell down with fever, terrible headaches, numb body and freaking rush of ideas. I’ve been unwell since Sunday night (Nov 8), and still am.

I had to take sick leaves in office on Monday, Tuesday and today. I went in office yesterday, and the headaches started haunting me back again in the evening. The best thing about being unwell is that you’re treated like a prince at home. Ready food at all times, extra milk ( I love milk) and then Mom again heats up more Milk saying it’s good for recovering back. It’s been freaking awesome. Being alone most of the time also gives us a chance to sit back and ponder over the many things in Life, the journey so far et al. I start questioning myself, I get super excited sometimes, sometimes I drowse down with fatigue.

I’m not sure If I’ll go to office again tomorrow. Might just take time off and cool down. I consulted the Dr on Monday and he gave me medications for a week. The week’s gonna end tomorrow and I’m still a measly patient 🙂

When I fall sick for long times, the best things usually happen after that 🙂 So, I’m hoping there’s light at the end of this tunnel again.

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