For a start, one of the primary reasons for me to start a blog was to share those many links which otherwise I’d bookmark and lose track of them when I actually needed something. Secondly, I make notes in many mediums and maintaining and indexing them all was getting troublesome as newere content was being added. Plus, sharing something on the web is a million times better than holding out stuff within self. 🙂

Now, this is awesome!!!

Internet of Things framework for the Raspberry Pi

Control, debug, and use your Pi’s GPIO locally or remotely, from a browser or any app

WebIOPi is the perfect Swiss-knife to make connected things with the Raspberry Pi

Developed and provided by Eric PTAK (aka trouch)


  • REST API over HTTP and CoAP (draft-14) with multicast support
  • Server written in Python with zero dependency
  • Supports GPIO, Serial, I2C, SPI, 1-Wire with zero dependency
  • Supports more than 30 devices including DAC, ADC, sensors…
  • Full Python library for the Server, GPIO, Serial, I2C, SPI and devices drivers
  • Compatible with both Python 2 and 3
  • Extensible and highly customizable
  • Login/Password protection
  • Mobile devices compatible
  • Includes debug web apps
  • GPIO Header
  • GPIO List
  • Serial Monitor
  • Devices Monitor

Javascript client library built on top of jQuery

Python client library with HTTP and CoAP support More information on


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