Hmmm, it’s been a while since I posted anything cool/boring on my Blog. Not that I’m busy, but I’m very buzy planning on how to be busy again. There’s a nice couplet in urdu that goes as:

Subah hoti hai, Shaam hoti hai, (Morning dawns, Evenings dawns)

Umar yun hi tamam hoti hai (Life gets completed just like that)

It’s tough converting awesome Urdu prose into English, though I’ve given my lazy effort at it.

I’ve had some tough weeks, some equally tough days and the morale sways anywhere from 0 to -100 and bounces back to 100 on some odd days.  Have had an opportunity to see two amazing Biography movies: “The Imitation Game – Alan Turing” and “The theory of Everything – Stephen Hawking”. Great geniuses and contributors in the field of Science and Tech.

And then there are hundreds of Ideas racing through my mind which can be aptly put into a couplet:

Hazaron Ideas aise, ke har Idea mast dikhe,

Buhut Ideas soonch liye, kaam kise pe na kare!

This is a rip off an original prose 🙂


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