I showed my Dad the PCB design of an upcoming project we’re working on. And that spiralled into a 120+ min brainstorming session on Business and Product development. We discussed on great ideas vs actual manufacturing, marketing strategies vs R&D, the Hyderabadi and Indian lacklustre mentality, community welfare, saving pennies for pennies saved maketh millions, his Entrepreneurial journey spanning a Decade et al.

I showed him Scratch and also failed at giving a demo of connecting Scratch with Arduino. Was also explaining him what IoT means and where it’s headed.

He also challenged me to build a product which according to him sucks big time. He said “Ek bhi beech ki dikhado, main ek mahine ki….” And he stopped there. I think he meant to give me a month’s salary 😛

He told me about not being very modest in Business and not showing too much of “Hamdardi” and “Jaane do, kya hota” attitude, for it destroyeth a Business.

He was also asking me to include dozen of overhead and unforseen costs while determining the retail price of a product and solution. He was criticizing my approach of components cost – retail price = Profit formula and was laughing around it.

I’m blogging about this so that I remember it and apply it in action instead of forgetting it.

We discussed about Luxury vs need based products. Consumer reviews and surveys are dammn important.

Also, talked about the Crab mentality phenomenon 🙂

I talked about many other product ideas which I can’t share here now and will do so after they are released 😉

We even called each other on WhatsApp and tested out the new calling feature.


Alhamdulillah, blessed to have a great Dad and a great Mom.


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