I was devastated today by the news that my Guru and Teacher Prof. Syed Amjad Ali sir passing way due to cardiac arrest.

He was one of the finest Guru I ever had. I’ve known him for almost 7 years now. He joined our college as a senior faculty and then was promoted as the Head of the ECE Department.

He was instrumental in giving a new outlook to the ECE department of Lords Institute of Engineering and Technology. He transformed our department to a buzzing R&D center from a boring just another dept.

Brought on many new initiatives, introduced new development programs, gave insights into stuff we’ve never heard of, Encouraged us to excel in our academics and move further up, kept insisting us to do our Doctorate, was strict with us if we didn’t live up to his expectations, shouted at me a dozen of times, threw me out of the Lab when I didn’t complete my Record, planned the Awesome Industrial tour/outing we all had in our final year of Engineering, encouraged us to go take on the world, he loved me as well, Had the same respect for me too, helped me during my crisis days, praised me in-front of my juniors, and a thousand more things…

May Allah forgive you and grant you the highest abode in Paradise, may he absolve you off all your sins, May he give Patience and support to your family members and relatives…

Inna Lillaahi Wa Inna Elaihi Raajiooon ( To Allah we belong, and to him we return!)

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