The last few hours have been terrible for me. I was given the shocking news of a great friend of mine passing away: Jameel Mohammed. Inna Lillaahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Raajioon (To Allah we belong and to him we return).

He’s my age and I’m still shocked and choked. We were classmates for sometime and van-mates for over many years. I’ve been with him for almost 6+ years. An exceptionally kind human, an inspiring Leader and Manager. A great vocalist. A great speaker. I learned some fine points on the art of speaking from his speeches.


Jameel sitting in center.

May ALLAH grant you the highest abode in Paradise and give patience to your family members. You’ve touched many lives, and your memories will be cherished by us all.

Life’s so short!!! Dammn short, one moment we’re there and the next, we’re gone! This is a wake up call for me, a reminder of the inevitable death! While we merry away, death knocks us away!

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