I was wondering what to write down on the About Me page.

Took a break from Coding, walked down the aisle in my office and walked back again and again and then back at my Workstation. And Eureka…..!!!

My life so far can be summarized in these words (which my Dad and Mom will agree 100%):

"Fixing broken things and breaking fixed things!!!"

I’ve been a tinkerer right from age 2 or 3 if I remember or if I go by the hacking tales of my Mom. Age 4 and yeah, there’s this nice school record of ambushes, fights, Dad being summoned by the Head Mistress, parents of kids complaining blah blah blah….

Allah Almighty has bestowed upon me a thousand bounties and blessings, among which I hold very dear include:

1. Born as a Believer in the Almighty
2. Awesome and Passionate, Selfless Loving and Caring Parents
3. Awesome set of skills, which may not be found all integrated in a single person 😛

If ya got it, ya flaunt it 🙂

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