I had a great Just in Time experience yesterday (23rd Oct, 2016).

I was coming back from 91SpringBoard, where we had our monthly Hackster.io meetup. I received an Arduino 101 and a Blynk Board and was excited to rush back home to tinker and test them out.

Just as I came on the main road, POOF! My Activa’s accelerator’s wire snapped inside!!! On the main road, on a freaking Sunday. Well, I rode it till I could, and stopped. On the left, there was a Bandi selling Custard Apples. I asked him, “Sir, is there any Mechanic nearby?” And to my utter amazement, he replied: “Yep, there” pointing to a small shed on the other side of the road with tools and spares  hanging out. The Bike Mechanic on the other side was about to leave for somewhere on his Bike and this dude shouted as best he could and asked him to wait.

I hurriedly crossed the road, and went over to the Mechanic’s shed. The shed was shabby and unkempt. My first impression was if this was the right guy to do the Job? First impressions matter and this dude didn’t even have a simple Board hung up that advertised to passersbys that he is a Mechanic. I looked at him and he looked very naive. I asked him worriedly, “Sir, would you repair Activa’s snapped accelerator wire?”. And to my amazement and relief, he said, “Yes, please bring over your Bike here!” I felt so grateful and happy inside. It was as if I found my lost passport at the Airport. I came back, profusely thanked the Guy selling Custard Apples and took over the Bike on the other side.

I asked him how much would it approximately cost, and he quoted: “Saab, 280 bucks for the Wire & 150 Service Charge”. I was like, OOOOOH as I only had 200+ bucks cash. Earlier in the morning I tried to withdraw Cash from a broke ATM and it gave a warning: “Insufficient Funds”. I wasn’t sure if the ATM was broke or I was 🙂 I hoped to barter my newly purchased Helmet in case I wouldn’t be able to pay in Cash.

The work started and I enjoyed him stripping and tearing apart the Activa. This was the first time I got a chance to see the internals of an Activa. I now know how to unscrew one 🙂

Took around 90 mins to get it fixed, during which he also took away from me the only Rs. 200 I had so that he could go and purchase the Cord.

Now, it’s paytime! I asked him if there’s an ATM nearby and when he told it’s round the corner, I kept my Helmet with him and drove to the ATM. Now, here’s the other fun part. Two ATM machines. I dipped into the left one and tried withdrawing 500 Bucks! Beep Beep! Out comes a printed slip saying, Insufficient Funds. My heart sank! Only later to see a notice stuck up on this machine: “Only 1000”. Aha! So, I checked my Balance and it turned out to be Rs. 357. I now dipped it again to the machine on my right and tried withdrawing 300. The sound of the rollers inside the machine trying to spit out my 300 bucks was music to my ears!

Done. I come back, pay him and profusely thank him for saving my Day. We exchange numbers and smile to each other: He happy to see his hard work bear fruit (aka Money) and I happy to get back on the Road.

It was similar to the parting scene from Taxi No 9211 Movie:

Tu apne crore pe, main apne road pe … maaze karenge

P.S: During the repairing sessions, we got talking about life etc. Turns out he’s one year younger than me and recently engaged and will get married next year. I asked him to invite me over to his Wedding. He asked, “Bhai, aapki Shaadi hogayi kya?” And I replied: “Nahin huwi Saab, Dua karo InShaAllah, jaldi hojati” 🙂

His name is Ismail.  Thank you Ismail Bhai for saving my day. This post is dedicated to you 🙂

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