Alhamdulillah, I’m excited to announce that we’ve successfully launched our first Smart Consumer Product, the Smart Prayer Times Display & Azan Clock through our Startup AlAleem Systems. This is a first of it’s kind Smart WiFi Enabled IoT Prayer Times Display & Azan Clock.

Apart from being lightweight, it embodies many features in it’s compact and modern design.

Key features include:

  • Smartphone/PC Controlled:
    • Use your Smartphone/PC to update Jamath Times & configure the Display directly from Browser without installing any Apps
  • WiFi Enabled
    • The display itself becomes a WiFi Router/Hotspot and doesn’t require any external WiFi Router or Internet to operate or update data
  • International Taqweem Support
    • This display works for most Taqweems (prayer calculation methods) and supports thousands of cities
  • Firmware Update Over the Air
    • The Smart Display supports upgrading of device firmware directly from Phone wirelessly as and when newer features are available, thereby making device in sync with newer developments and additional features as and when available
  • Jamath, Azan Times and other Info
    • The Smart Display Shows Start & End times of Prayer, Jamath Times, Ishraq Time, Saher/Iftar Times in Ramazan, Date, Masjid/Org Name, etc
  • Customizable Modules
    • [Coming Soon] Add on modules allow to extend the functionality of Display as required. Eg: Custom Languages (Urdu, Hindi, etc), Scrolling Text, etc

Please visit us at to place Order Online and for more product information.