Programming an ATtiny w/ Arduino 1.0

There are numerous blogs/tutorials out there that detail how to program an ATTiny using Arduino. I’ve come across this one just recently and would like to try out this setup (looks fairly simple). I kind of stumbled on it from another interesting project:

Fixing memory problems in Arduino

I came across this awesome tutorial that gives insights into fixing memory problems on an Arduino (or a generic AVR controller). I’ve had and still have some of these issues and this post will server as a reminder and bookmark for me to fix them out 🙂

Arduino on a breadboard

After fiddling around for some time, Alhamdulillah got a barebone Arduino setup on a breadboard. Using a CP2102 USB-Serial breakout board for uploading sketches from the IDE. Loving this setup as I get to learn and understand Arduino and AVR in more depth

Arduino Hyderabad User Group

After frantically searching for a dedicated Arduino user group in Hyderabad, we set upon creating our own:!forum/arduino-hug Task 1, Gather (more and more) like minded Arduino/Embedded Systems tinkerers. Task 2, Start meeting and share/break electronics together. Task 3, Give free sessions on Arduino to newcomers. Task 4, GoTo Task Read more…