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Getting started with IoT on AWS, Arduino and ESP8266

After the recent outage on this server where the site was down for many hours (and days), I’ve decided to go back and post important tutorials on my WordPress site so that knowledge is accessible anytime to anyone and should not be dependent on my server being down.

As such, I’ve begun writing the primer and you can read it here: https://anwaarullah.wordpress.com/2015/07/30/getting-started-with-iot-on-aws-and-arduino-esp8266/

Thanks for sticking around 🙂

Programming an ATtiny w/ Arduino 1.0

There are numerous blogs/tutorials out there that detail how to program an ATTiny using Arduino.

I’ve come across this one just recently and would like to try out this setup (looks fairly simple).


I kind of stumbled on it from another interesting project: https://sites.google.com/site/klaasdc/arduino-projects/tiny-battery-monitor

Writing firmware directly on the Bluetooth Module

During my daily dose of Hackaday, I came across this awesome post of directly flashing firmware onto the Module. This (if I understand it correctly) will eliminate the use of a Micro-controller for simple operations.


See Hackaday post for more details 🙂

Fixing memory problems in Arduino

I came across this awesome tutorial that gives insights into fixing memory problems on an Arduino (or a generic AVR controller).


I’ve had and still have some of these issues and this post will server as a reminder and bookmark for me to fix them out 🙂

Building the PiCo PiDuino – A barebones Arduino compatible with Raspberry Pi

I stumbled upon this awesome link that describes how to build and be able to program a standalone Arduino using the Raspberry Pi.

Check out the detailed guide here


Happy PiDuinoing 🙂

3 Wire Serial LCD using ShiftRegsiter

I came across this nice link and after couple of hops landed on this page that briefs out nicely how to make a simple 3 wire Serial LCD using a Shift Register.


Need to try this out, will save us a couple of precious pins 🙂

Babuino: Connecting smartphones to digital devices

Came across this cool USB stick that allows you to connect to and control many devices from your smartphone.

One of the cool features is that it’s Arduino compatible 🙂


  • 100% Arduino compatible.
  • Built in Bluetooth V2.0+EDR module.
  • Built in Infrared RX and TX.
  • Based on the ATXMega128A1U microcontroller.
  • 128KB Flash Memory (without Bootloader).

More info at this link (also from where I copied the above info 🙂 ):