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Windows Phone 8.1, Arduino, Bluetooth

I’ve never hacked around a Windows Mobile device and hooked it up wirelessly with Arduino etc. Came across this recent article that allows for Bluetooth communication with an Arduino.

Light (2 of 3)


I’ve worked earlier on some small test apps on Windows Phone, but they weren’t Embedded interfaced. This looks exciting enough to get started with.

Source: Hackaday

Using Raspberry Pi to snoop into Wearables


The world of wearables is taking the world by storm. Android Wear, iWatch, Smartbands, Leychal (Smartshoes, proudly made in Hyderabad, India), etc.

Here’s a nice anatomy of a wearable device:

And here’s the many sensors found in a generic Smartphone:

Imagine if you could grab all those data using off the shelf devices?


Symantec wrote a nice post about how insecure these new wearables are and how they can be snooped into.

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