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MicroPython – Python for Microcontrollers

I was greeted by an awesome message from my pal Aman when I logged into Facebook:

and that led me to this page: http://micropython.org/

Looks very cute, has met all of the stretched goals that will now allow it come with support for WiFi, Ethernet and low power wireless support through Libraries. The form factor is very cute and this looks as a promising platform to introduce students/makers to the fascinating world of Embedded and Python.



The price is decent and competes with Raspberry Pi, Arduino and other dev boards. I particularly love the form factor which makes it suitable for IoT projects. Hoping for it to arrive in India soon.

Thanks Aman for the pointer 🙂

Learning Python the Hard Way :)

After getting the RasPi, I was all the more excited to learn Python. I started it from this link

I’m currently in Exercise 22 which asks us to rewind what we’ve learned so far. So I made these notes and will post here for my quick reference.

# Ex 22

Asks to go back and revist all the symbols and words and understand what they all do..

I’m’ gonna begin from ex1

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