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I need to unlearn

"I realized today, I need to unlearn many things to re-learn things again".

It’s 3:40 in the Morning and it’s been a
crazy night and yesterday.

I’m excited at what’s coming next, a little afraid as well. I’ve not taken a major decision like this before, so the pressure of not failing at this is huge.

And as I’m pondering on what to write, time drifts to 3:49…

On my left side, there’s this HUGE book of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. I’m afraid to pick it up for fear of not leaving it until I’m done reading it. Let me flip the pages and see how many are in there… 571!!! It shouldn’t take more than 2-3 days to get done with that for I love reading.

Then there’s this training program I’m looking at now which I may want to join, it’s like $300 and I’m thinking of all the amazing things I can buy If I skip this program and self-learn. (But everything can’t be self learned). And going over the reviews of guys who’ve graduated from it, I’d want to join it. I’d need to pass a test first and I suck at these entrance tests.

It’s been a long time since I wrote more than a para and it feels so good to able to write down thoughts and later smile over them.

I’ll blog more here, share my thoughts and also start open-sourcing more of my work and stuff. That’s how we all learn and grow together.

Yesterday was very good in the way that I met may colleagues and explained to them why I was taking this decision. And the more I explained to them, to more relaxed and confident I was feeling. The more I talked with them, the more clearer I was getting about my own thoughts 🙂

As I’m signing off, it’s 4:05 in the morning 🙂

Two things that prevent from being Happy

Two things prevent you from happiness; living in the past and observing others. So many spouses have a miserable marital life because they are unable to forget. The past haunts them while they are themselves negligent of their own shortcomings and faults. Many Muslims lead a miserable life because they can’t bear the idea of others enjoying things they don’t have. Envy is like wildfire; burning itself. It leaves the person restless and living in pain and agony. Learn to move away from the past and to appreciate what you have without envying others.

Shaik Assim Ul Hakeem