I had no particular theme/idea to base this post off, and hence have marked it as Untitled.

There’s been lot of good and crazy stuff going on over this past few weeks, most of which I can’t share here on this public site (don’t PM me asking for more details).  It’s 02.36 in the morning as I’m writing this post. At first I’m wondering why am I awake at this part of the hour? This’s been going on for quite some weeks now. I almost quit my habit of LTBLOB and was happily following the ETBETR routine (comment below if you decipher these acronynms).

There’s been lots of self-reflections and re-evaluations and that’s keeping me busy most of the time. I’m again trying to realign my goals/visions/energy, though ‘m sure it’s gonna take some more time before I have something clear. For now, it’s lots of random hips and hops (hits and misses).

Ohh, I just started (Timestamp: 02.44) listening to this in the background:

^ It’s deep and soul penetrating.

This time of night is so effective and peaceful where I de-clutter my mind, and ponder over life and things and get in metaPhysics et.al. And then when I wake up in the morning, I think I had a nice dream 🙂

I’ve lately been keeping much to myself and not interacting with the outside world. Spending lot of time in self-talking and soul-interactions. I’d love to go into hibernation for few more months though I’ve already hibernated a lot and it’s high time I get out of hibernation. Or maybe, some more?

These prose from the above video just hit in time and talk about my hibernations 😉

Aage Samajhleeeeeeeeee, Aage Samajhlee kal yeh mauke haath na tere aayega,

Oh gaflat ki neend mein soone waale dhoka khayega…

Fun Fact: I've written 300 words.


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