I recently purchase a USBasp programmer for some advanced programming and also for burning Bootloaders on some Atmel ICs and I was tired of using Arduino as an ISP or Bitbanging with an FT232R.

This is the one I purchased:


I was very excited to play around, but had to struggle a lot in mapping the 10 pin port to a standard 6 pin ICSP of Atmel MCs. The standard 10 pin port connections are not used in this Provotech.com/Allsensor.in USBasp programmer and I had to spend atleast an hour by shorting each pin and finding a match.

I’m sharing the connection here in the hope that you don’t have to go through the same struggle I had to go 🙂


I combined 6 jumpers and taped them to form a simple cable while carefully considering the above connections. I included a small white paper as a tip to indicate the tip of the ICSP as shown below:


After struggling with drivers for a while, I installed the latest driver files from the USBasp main website (http://www.fischl.de/usbasp/). For my 64 Bit Win 7 PC, this Driver usbasp.2011-05-28 worked.

I was successfully able to then upload code via Arduino IDE, burn Bootloaders and also use avrdude to write .hex file and also read bin data.

The VCC Pin (Pin 1) starts where the Yellow LED on the top on the Board is present.


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