I didn’t quit actually. I’m taking a much needed 5 month break! My birthday is in March, so

I’m taking a break from IT programming (done with coding and googling and coding and googling and repeat).

I was thinking what to write about why I’m taking this break. For some reason, I opened LinkedIn, and poof, this was the first post in my feed:

I opened up the article (here)
and started reading. The first 4 points do not match at all, in fact they’re the opposite for me.

Point 5 just briefs up my thoughts:

5. You feel like you have no purpose.

Everyone likes to feel a part of something bigger. Everyone likes to feel they make an impact not just on results but also on the lives of other people.

Life’s too short to go home every day feeling like you’ve worked… but you haven’t accomplished anything meaningful.

Point 9 also rocks:

9. You don’t think you can do anything else.

That’s the best reason of all quit your job. I know what you’re thinking, “I make too much in my current job; I’ll never find something comparable.” Or, “There just aren’t any jobs where I live.” Or, “I’ve put too much time into this company (or career or industry.)”

All those things are true – if you let them be true.

You can do something else. You can do lots of something "elses."

You just have to believe – and trust that your creativity, perseverance, and effort will take you to new, happier, and more fulfilling places.

Life’s too short to just stay where you are instead doing everything possible to live a better life.

That’s about it 🙂

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