The beautiful 1st day of the 1st Month of 2015 started for me now quite beautifully. The weather out here is so serene and calm; there’s so much freshness in the air, and as if all the air particles are exhorting to breathe them in and feel them.

I feel so happy and excited at the moment. I opened up Twitter and there was this Dua for me by one of my favorite Scholar, Leader and Visionary:

I feel excited and on top of the moon now 🙂 How powerful are good words, Indeed!

On a side note, I received my Full and Final Settlement amount from my ex-company yesterday and that was as good as my regular Salary credit. Receiving that SMS monthly saying “Your Account has been credited with a salary of Rs. XXXXX” is very pleasurable. I’ll not be getting these SMSes from this month onwards and that’s something ‘ll miss 🙂

However, Good things are gonna come InshaAllah. Stay tuned and wishing you all a fabulous new Gregorian year!

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