It’s been almost 8 months since I last blogged here. Lot’s of good (&bad) things have happened. I’ve changed a lot, especially my tummy has outgrown and that’s the first thing I’m usually poked about when I meet friends/relatives after long.

Oh my, what a tummy you’ve grown!

Apart from my tummy, I’ve gained lots (and lots) of weight. I now occasionally find it very cumbersome to walk around and usually prefer lying on bed when not doing anything. My weight has increased by 20% and I’m working to bring back the old swanky leany “Sukkha Matchar” I’m usually called as.

It’s been almost 7 months where my status reads as: Happily Married ? and I should admit it’s been an Awesome Journey Alhamdulillah! I sometimes wonder how I’ve managed to stay single all these manhood years.

Yesterday was one of my most memorable days for I’ve received some freaking exciting updates on something we’ve been working on for long, and successful completion of which I’m excitedly praying and looking forward to. I’ll update soon when this is successfully delivered InShaAllah (Allah Willing).

My Entrepreneurial journey has been stalled for a while and isn’t moving ahead with the same passion/energy I started out with. There’s lesser and lesser of challenges and lack creative problem tackling opportunities as we grow in our Startup and more and more of standard operational & financial tasks that isn’t exciting me much. I’m craving for that adrenaline rush when I’m thinking and doing something new & challenging. As the road draws to an end, I see myself stuck at the crossroads confused between choosing the next Journey… I’m still standing, pondering and brooding over what I’ve done so far. I’ll let you’ll know when I’ve moved on.

I’ll leave you with this:


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