This page will contain most of the great people, mentors, teachers and kids, relatives, friends, common goers, citizens, random folks, passerbys, who’ve been a part of my life and without which life couldn’t be the same. This also includes anonymous people in my life who made a difference (in mine or demonstrated something that marked an impression on me). I’ll also include a short description next to the name and give some nice tidbits 🙂

  1. Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him) –  The greatest person, Leader and Messenger who helped me see Allah and made me understand the true religion. Life would never be what it’s today if it wasn’t for you. You taught us a million things – from things as simple as which Shoe to wear to as advanced things as Business, OpenSource, etc etc etc. Thank you Allah for making me an Ummati of the greatest Messenger!
  2. Syed Amjed Hussain – My Dad and the greatest Mentor and an awesome Engineer and Tinkerer 🙂
  3. Rayees Fatima – The woman who sacrificed her awesome career to teach and educate us. I think I’d be a rag-picker if it wasn’t for her selfless devotion and efforts for our education and upbringing. Rocking home-maker and also breaker sometimes 😛
  4. Syed Asrarullah – A brother who’s more like an elder to me than younger 🙂 I’ve learnt more from him, than possibly he from me. He taught me how to be a fine speaker (when I was a shy nervous speaker who couldn’t talk more than 2 mins in Public), awesome management skills etc.  A fine sportsperson and a go-getter in life. Aspires to be a CEO of a fortune 500 Co. I believe he’ll eventually be a CEO of my Fortune 500 Co.


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